Dragon Ball Super Teases How Its New Androids' Were Made

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the next chapter in the legendary shonen series, which will feature a major comeback for the Red Ribbon Army. With Akira Toriyama first introducing the nefarious group of villains in the early days of the original Dragon Ball series, the army has focused on creating villains of the android variety over the course of Goku's life, and this next movie's story will see them diving into familiar territory that sees Gohan and Piccolo taking the reins of the film. 

As a part of an interview for the outlet Nikkei Entertainment, executive Akio Iyoku, who is also an editor for V-Jump magazine, broke down a number of new details when it comes to the new androids that will be presented as a part of the Red Ribbon Army's major comeback. To start, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 won't be created by Dr. Gero, which is understandable considering that the creator of Androids 16 through 18 and Cell has been dead for quite some time in the Shonen universe. Instead, the Army is employing assistance from a new scientist named Dr. Hedo who seemingly is able to create new beings that are far stronger than anything Gero had made.

On top of this, CG animation will be employed to help in bringing the new characters to life, and Iyoku stated that the new androids will primarily be fighting both Gohan and Piccolo, with this movie giving fans the opportunity to see how the defenders of Earth operate when Goku and Vegeta aren't around to handle everything themselves. As we've seen in promotional material, Son Gohan is once again employing the transformation of Super Saiyan to help in fighting his battles, so it will be interesting to see what other changes are employed for the Z Fighters in the movie releasing later this spring. 

With Gohan's fight being listed as "Gohan's awakening battle," in the interview, it will definitely be interesting to see if the Red Ribbon Army is able to further awaken the potential of the son of Goku. 

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