Dragon Ball: Frieza and Vegeta Team Up to Destroy Coronavirus for Good

Dragon Ball has become one of the most recognizable franchises in the world, with characters (and the actors that bring them to life) who are now worldwide icons. Well, in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, celebrities all over the world are trying to find ways they can contribute and help out, either through charity, or fan service, or both. In that sentiment, Dragon Ball's Frieza and Vegeta actors took social media to inspire fans about the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. The segements are pretty hilarious, as the Dragon Ball actors (and a famous comedian) perfectly depict a Dragon Ball-style conflict against the virus!

Dragon Ball's voice of Freiza, Ryusei Nakao, lent his iconic voice to Japanese comedian Masatake Yamamoto, who did some nice cosplay as Frieza. You don't have to speak Japanese to know that Frieza is vowing to eradicate COVID-19, using some of his signature finger blasts. "“All, let us smash coronavirus to smithereens. Today I will join you! Kiiiiii" is the translation provided by Sora News. It's a combination of two things Dragon Ball fans love: Frieza's androgynous voice, and crazy Frieza cosplay IRL.

Vegeta actor Ryo Horikawa joined in the fight against COVID-19, lending his voice to a cosplay of his character, while screaming, "You pathetic virus, I’ll destroy you!!" We even get a Final Flash, to boot.


All we need now is the voice of Goku, Masako Nozawa, to hop on social media and continue this little trend! As stated, Dragon Ball has become a worldwide icon due to its big battles and conflicts - and right about now, we could all use some Saiyan fighting spirit.

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