Vegeta Channels Inner Wolverine with Dragon Ball Marvel Crossover

What do Dragon Ball's Vegeta and Marvel's Wolverine have in common? A lot, if you actually think [...]

What do Dragon Ball's Vegeta and Marvel's Wolverine have in common? A lot, if you actually think about it. Both are hardened warriors that have been on the dark side of the good/evil divide, only to struggle and claw their way up into the light of some hard-earned heroism. Obviously both characters look similar with their short, stocky, bruiser builds - and both act the same, with their gruff-but-lovable bad boy personas. In fact, there's so much that Vegeta and Wolverine have in common, both inside and out, that it makes for a great Dragon Ball/Marvel mashup piece - as you see below:

Vegeta as Wolverine, By Me from r/dbz

As you can see, "Wolvegeta" captures the fierce, bestial spirit that both Wolverine and Vegeta share. From this one sketch alone you can imagine this Vegeta-tinged version of Wolverine walking the halls at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters - or conversely imagine this Wolverine-clawed version of Vegeta fighting against (and eventually alongside) Goku and the Z-Fighters. The mashup definitely does its job in making the case that Wolverine and Vegeta can fairly be viewed as interchangeable characters. And that ain't at all a bad thing.

Marvel and/or Dragon Ball fans are already in the comments of this OMGXero artwork, calling for a series that could see Goku as Cyclops, Piccolo as Deadpool, and other clever Dragon Ball and X-Men crossovers. And why not? It's a good way to kill time while both franchises linger in a state of limbo before launching their respective next eras on the screen.

The current Dragon Ball Super storyline has at last hit the milestone of Vegeta finally surpassing Goku in terms of power and technique. Unfortunately, Akira Toriyama pulled the rug out from under Vegeta's epic triumph just as fast as the Saiyan Prince achieved it (classic Dragon Ball). Still, Vegeta is arguably now the strongest Saiyan around.

Wolverine, meanwhile, has been going on the strange and wild ride of the X-Men's new world. The Marvel mutants (good and evil) have all gathered under the new borders of the living island of Krakoa, with a fully-recognized mutant nation, complete with its own language, culture, and divine-like process of resurrecting dead mutants. Like Vegeta, Wolverine now has to confront the existential challenge of what it means to be an elite deadly warrior in a time of peace. And, like Vegeta, Wolverine is finding that peace in the arms of a surprising (and strong) woman: Jean Grey.

Dragon Ball anime and X-Men movies are both on hiatus, with some big reboots expected.