Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Secret Behind Vegeta's New Power

Dragon Ball Super got the fanbase hyped up this summer when it promised to unveil Vegeta's new power. The Saiyan had to go all the way to Yardrat to learn the mysterious technique, and his efforts didn't leave fans disappointed. It wasn't that long ago that Forced Spirit Fisson was introduced to the series, but Moro has discovered one of its most important secrets.

Unfortunately, that means nothing good for Vegeta. The Saiyan should have been better at hiding this little requirement. Moro knows the one thing Vegeta has to do to make Forced Spirit Fisson work, so that means he can avoid the technique.

The whole ordeal went down at the beginning of chapter 62. Dragon Ball Super put out the new chapter this week to great fanfare, and it started with Vegeta taking a big L. After going to Moro for another fight, fans watched as the villain toyed with Vegeta and outed the secret of Forced Spirit Fisson before knocking the fighter out.

Dragon Ball Super What is Forced Spirit Fission Explained Vegeta
(Photo: Shueisha)

"Your new technique requires you to inflict damage first, yes? I won't make the same mistake twice," Moro asks, leaving Vegeta to swear violently at being found out.

If you go through chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super, you will see each instance Vegeta uses the technique on Moro. The Saiyan always hits the baddie before he is able to suck away the energy Moro stole. In this way, the move almost works like nature chakra from Naruto as Vegeta is manipulating the energy within and around Moro. The only difference here is that Vegeta must land a hit before he can power up his technique.


Moro knowing the secret to Forced Spirit Fisson is not ideal, and it isn't just because he can avoid being hit by it now. The baddie copied Vegeta's abilities before knocking him out, so Moro can wield the Yardratan power now. And since he knows how it works, there is absolutely no chance can pull a last-minute fusion to save the day. That is unless he wants Moro to split the fusion ASAP.

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