Dragon Ball Z Meets The Terminator in This Android Crossover

Dragon Ball Z is one of the biggest anime to ever do it, and fans continue to fall for the franchise every year. It has been a while since audiences were introduced to the Androids we've come to know and love, but they still have loyal fans. And now, it turns out one of those fans has mixed in Android 16 with the actual Terminator.

And yes, we do mean that one. You know, the one made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The artist Seven Signs Art did a wonderful mash-up of the two franchises, and it pits Android 16 gains Skynet.

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As you can see above, the crossover is very aptly named. The Terminator is seen rendezvousing with Dragon Ball Z under the guise of Judgement Day. This is just one of many Dragon Ball-centric pieces Seven Signs Art has done, so you can find even more here over on Instagram.

This mash-up reimagines Android 16 as the Terminator, and his physique would make Schwarzenegger very proud. The android is almost bursting out of his clothes in light of his muscular body, and he is shown holding two handguns at the ready. Obviously, part of his face is peeled back to reveal the Android's steel skeleton, so we are sure he is on Skynet's radar.

As for John Connor, the young boy is brought to life by Trunks. The kid looks cool in her black colored shirt, and he has John's attitude on lock. Some might say they wish Gohan had taken on the role. But in this parallel universe, well - we all know Goku's son did not live long enough to meet any savior. Dragon Ball saw Androids 17 and 18 kill the Saiyan, and that meant Future Trunks was the only one left to save the world from itself.


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