Custom Dragon Ball Z Funko Imagines Super Saiyan Hercule

Mr. Satan, aka Hercule, has always been a hilarious character within the franchise of Dragon Ball, [...]

Mr. Satan, aka Hercule, has always been a hilarious character within the franchise of Dragon Ball, having first appeared during the Cell Games Saga, promoting himself as the strongest man in the world, and one fan is honoring a gut busting custom Funko Pop that honors the "Super Saiyan version" of Hercule. In Dragon Ball Super, Hercule imagined his fight with the God of Destruction, using a televised adaptation and some Hollywood magic to give him the ability to go Super Saiyan. Though there's a zero percent chance that Satan actually becomes a Super Saiyan in the future, fans can dream!

Though Hercule is certainly a joke in comparison to the likes fo Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and the other Z Fighters, he is actually quite strong. While he hasn't been able to harness his energy like his daughter Videl, he does have an insane level of strength for a regular human being. While he will always be a boastful braggard in public, Satan's behind the scenes persona is one that truly cares for his family. With Hercule now being the father in law for Gohan and the grandfather to Pan, he has become a full part of the Son family and is far more tied to Goku and company than ever before.

Twitter User SerlentPops shared this custom made Funko Pop that once again brings back the Super Saiyan version of Hercule, slapping the trademark blond hair onto Mr. Satan and showing what he might look like as a figurine sitting on your wall:

Mr. Satan has had an important role in tempering the personality of Majin Buu, the one time villain who has become a hero himself. In the recent Moro Arc, Buu has played a big role with one aspect of his personality being seen as a key way to defeat the ancient sorcerer. Though Buu was ultimately unsuccessful, we're sure to see him re-emerge before the end of the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super!

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