Dragon Ball Z Writer Addresses 'GT' Canon Controversy

The years may pass and people will change, but one thing remains eternal and that is the debate over Dragon Ball GT. If you are a fan of the franchise, you will no doubt know few things about Goku are more controversial than his time in Dragon Ball GT. Despite a slew of highlights, the show remains a mocked part of history as many fans ignore its existence entirely. But according to the script writer on Dragon Ball Z, ignoring the sequel isn't the answer. 

The address came over on Twitter as one fan decided to ask Takao Koyama about Dragon Ball GT. It was there they questioned whether the anime is "the official sequel" to the Dragon Ball Z anime. So when Koyama answered, he told the fan "of course" the show is.

The Debate So Far

If you are not familiar with Koyama, you should know he is one of the few writers who can definitively judge Dragon Ball GT. The screenwriter worked on the original Dragon Ball anime as screenwriter once Toshiki Inoue left. He went on to oversee Dragon Ball Z from 1989 to 1996. While he did not return for Dragon Ball GT, the writer still considers the sequel as valid as anything he did write.

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Of course, Koyama's comment will not be enough to satisfy everyone. Fans have questioned Dragon Ball GT for years, after all. From its original story to its animation, the Dragon Ball Z sequel has been picked apart, and most take offense to its work with Akira Toriyama... or lack thereof. The series creator did not work on Dragon Ball GT in the same way he did on the anime's previous entries. And of course, the lack of returning staff such as Koyama did not help Dragon Ball GT either.

If you have not seen Dragon Ball GT, you can always binge the sequel to decide yourself how it works. The series is streaming on Crunchyroll as well as Hulu. So for those wanting more information on the sequel, you can find the official synopsis of Dragon Ball GT below:

"After surviving trials that would have destroyed a mere mortal, Goku now faces the most dangerous journey of his entire life. Evil forces have conspired to scatter the Dragon Balls to the far corners of the universe, and the atmosphere is dense with danger. Unless the heroic Saiyan can recover all seven magic orbs within a year, Earth will meet a catastrophic end!But even if Goku is successful on his mission of mercy, threats remain that must be dealt with swiftly. Two evil geniuses have created the perfect killing machine; Android 17. While this mechanical abomination deals out death, terrifying villains from battles past rise up to wreak havoc on humanity, and cracks in the Dragon Balls give birth to the fury of seven Shadow Dragons! Goku is the only warrior alive with the strength to defeat these new evils, but one false step from the mighty Saiyan could spell doom for the world!"

What do you think of Dragon Ball GT all these years after its release? Did the series get an unfairly bad rap? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.