Dragon Ball Crashes the Major League Soccer Finals With Gogeta's Help

There is no denying the scale of Dragon Ball these days. After debuting in the '80s, Goku has grown before our eyes, and he is a bonafide legend at this point. Millions if not billions of fans have come to idolize the Saiyan in one way or another. In fact, people of all sorts have come together over Dragon Ball since its release, and that includes sports rivals. So when Gogeta managed to crash the recent Major League Soccer finals, well – let's just say everyone was down for it. 

If you did not know, Major League Soccer brought its 2022 season to a close the other day, and it did so with an epic match. The Los Angeles Football Club was pitted against Philadelphia Union in the final match, and supporters from across the country came to watch. So when Gogeta showed up at the Banc of California Stadium, plenty of fans were around to watch.

Why Was Gogeta There?

As you can see above, a massive tarp was unrolled behind the LAFC's goal at one point, and Gogeta was printed onto the banner. The team used Gogeta's most recent appearance from the Dragon Ball Super movie to rile the fans up. And of course, LAFC lovers were all for the tribute since Gogeta was donning the team's colors.

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The banner's reveal caught everyone by surprise, but even opposing fans went wild for Gogeta. It isn't every day you see the Saiyan at a match, and when you do? Well, you better fanboy like the best of them.

It also seems that Gogeta's arrival managed to give the LAFC players the extra boost they needed in this cup match. The Los Angeles club took home the MLS Championship Cup against Union after a 3-3 draw was squashed on penalty kicks. So if the team knows what's up, they will keep Gogeta around as a good luck charm when next year's season gets underway...!

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