Dragon Quest Will Give Update on New Anime This Month

Dragon Quest is preparing to rile up fans with a status update on its next anime. Last year, the world learned the popular video game franchise was working on an anime at long last. And according to a brand-new report, Dragon Quest will release new info about the show and its gaming counterpart later this month.

The update comes courtesy of Gematsu which reports that Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai will check in on fans May 27. The event will take place as a livestream on Youtube, and it promises to fill in fans on the show's progress as well as the game.

Currently, there are few details out regarding the project, so this livestream promises to fill in gaps for all of us. The only thing fans are sure about is the series' lead. The anime will focus on Dai and follow the protagonist's adventures through the fantastical world built by Dragon Quest over the years.

Dragon Quest
(Photo: Square Enix)

Of course, this is not the first anime which Dragon Quest has pursued. Back in 1989, the franchise hit up fans with an anime done by NAS and Fuji Television. Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel ran for less than 50 episodes, but it was met well by fans. The series followed a boy named Abel and his friend Tiala after the latter is kidnapped by the villain Baramos. It falls to Abel to save the girl and go on a wild adventure to do so.


A second anime was released shortly after Dragon Quest came to an end, and the new series was named Dragon Quest: Dai no Daiboken. This new show ran for less than 50 episodes and made way for two films to debut in April 1996 and August 2019. Now, it seems Dragon Quest is ready to take on TV once more, so here's to hoping the beloved series gets things right with this series.

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