Final Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution Confirms Release Window with New Trailer, Poster

Eureka Seven has confirmed the release window for the final film in the Hi-Evolution trilogy with a new trailer and poster! The Eureka Seven franchise made its big return back in 2017 with a new trilogy of films bringing the story to an end, but the final film in the trilogy had been put on hold for quite a while. Originally intended for a release back in 2019, now the final film in the Hi-Evolution trilogy is scheduled for a release later this Summer in Japan. To celebrate, a mysterious new poster and trailer has dropped!

Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution's final film is officially titled EUREKA/Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution and is scheduled for an "early Summer" release in Japan this year. The newest trailer for the film can be seen in the video above and features Kaori Nazuka's Eureka teasing the intense final film. You can also find the mysterious poster for the new film below:

There's not much known about what we can expect to see in the final film in the Hi-Evolution trilogy, but did not cite a reason for its initial delay back in 2019. This was before the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so there's no telling what that had on the production of the final film as well. But following the release of Anemone back in 2018, fans had been waiting quite a while to see what the final film had in store for the trilogy as a whole.

The two other films released to moderate success in Japan and North America, but Eureka Seven fans loved seeing a new entry in the franchise after so long. We can expect to see many of the fan favorites from the original series, but it's still a toss up for such a mysterious project. But what did you think?

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