New Evangelion Film Delayed Due to the Pandemic

The world of anime has been hit hard by the recent pandemic, with the coronavirus spreading across the world and causing many to be quarantined within their homes, and the hits keep on coming with the upcoming Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 film being the latest victim. The movie, which will be the finale for the Rebuild of Evangelion films, will mark the fourth film in the series and further exploring this new interpretation of the world of Shinji Ikari and his fellow Eva pilots that are looking to protect the world from angel attacks and any other threats to NERV!

The movie was originally slated to be released on June 27th, making for a summer finale for the movie series that re-imagines the events of the television series of Neon Genesis Evangelion! Thanks to the recent pandemic, the movie has been delayed and unfortunately, a new date has yet to be released as to when fans of Evangelion will be able to see the last chapter in the re-imagining of the anime series that is arguably one of the most well known anime in the world. With Netflix bringing the anime franchise onto its streaming service last year, there has never been a more popular time for Neon Genesis Evangelion and we're crossing our fingers that the movie will be released sometime this year.

The Official Twitter Account for the movie shared the news that Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 will be postponed as a result of the Coronavirus, similar to a number of other anime movies that were set to be released this year such as entries into beloved series like Detective Conan and Crayon Shin-Chan to name a few:


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