'Fairy Tail' Creator Reveals Who He Wishes He Explored More

When it comes to Fairy Tail, fans can have a hard time choosing a favorite mage. Hiro Mashima [...]

When it comes to Fairy Tail, fans can have a hard time choosing a favorite mage. Hiro Mashima created hundreds of characters aside from Natsu, but there is one fighter who the artist wishes he developed more. So, if you really wanted to know more about Acnologia, then you are not the only one.

Recently, Hiro Mashima did an interview with Anime News Network after he ended Fairy Tail's manga. The artist got candid about the long series, and it was there Mashima said he wishes he had gotten more time to develop Acnologia.

"One of the characters that I think of is Acnologia. In my mind I had a deeper setting for this character," the creator revealed.

"But the story is from the main character's point of view, so I couldn't really do that. I may have some time to explore the story of Acnologia at some point."

If you are not familiar with Acnologia, then you only have to think about Fairy Tail and its most terrifying dragon. Acnologia is the name of the Dragon King, but manga fans know the character was also very much human.

According to lore, Acnologia was born a human and became one of the very first Dragon Slayers. The fierce mage vowed to kill every dragon after he witnesses one mercilessly kill a child, but Acnologia used too much of his Dragon Slayer magic. The overuse turned the man's body into that of a Dragon, and Acnologia used his insane power to force dragons underground and eventually into extinction.

With so much history behind Acnologia, it is easy to see why Mashima wanted more time with the villain. The bad guy was hard to sympathize with, but he did live a long life and had a rather tragic origin. Judging by Mashima's comments, it seems the artist isn't ruling out any chances to revisit the Dragon King, so fans may still get to learn more about Acnologia's dark past.

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