Fire Force's Newest Episode Breaks Streak with Tamaki

Fire Force has kicked off a brand new arc as Shinra and a few other members of the Special Fire Force have been tasked with exploring the Chinese Penisula, and the newest episode of the series has broken a surprising record with Tamaki. Tamaki was first introduced to the series with the gimmick that she will be instantly stripped or sexualized in some manner due to her "Lucky Lecher" lure, and each of her subsequent appearances throughout the series have been marked with these moments even when she's in the heat of a fierce battle.

But that's changed with the newest episode of Fire Force's second season as not once was Tamaki stripped or made to be a victim of her lecher lure. It's not the hugest record the series has under its belt, but it is a great sign that perhaps Tamaki will be treated differently in the anime going forward.

The second season started off on a great foot with Tamaki as it revealed that she's also been training to be a nun who can assist with putting the Infernals to rest, but quickly after this was revealed she was stripped and the series made light of the fact that her new Sister look would be a good draw for certain tastes. Fire Force is nowhere near the only series with fan service imbued into its action or character moments, but with Tamaki is always feels forced.

Fire Force Season 2 Tamaki
(Photo: David Production)

Fire Force (just like series creator Atsushi Okubo's previous work, Soul Eater) is full of characters with unique quirks and it derives the comedy from how these wacky quirks bounce off of one another, but Tamaki's fan service personality has always felt out of place. Not only does it feel strange because she clearly hates it every time it happens, but these moments can also break the flow of intense action or heartbreaking scenes such as when she's threatened by Rekka in the first season.

It was a surprise to see in Season 2's newest episode that she was not made the butt of the joke for once, and perhaps the series (and thus fans) will be able to take her more seriously as part of the anime from now on. But what do you think? Does Tamaki's "Lucky Lecher Lure" bother you? Hoping Fire Force relies on this less from now on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!