'Gintama' Live-Action Movie Coming To The US

Gintama's 6th season is only a couple of weeks away and the anime's fans have been given more great news. The Gintama's official website has announced that the live-action film will screen for the first time in the United States, Germany, Spain and Central and South America.

Already the film is the largest opening any Japanese movie has ever had China, with the film already being released in Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as well.

This news comes to fans only days after Gintama's 6th season and the series' second season this year was announced, which will be making its debut at 1:35 pm on Sunday, October 1st on TV Osaka. This upcoming season will feature the Porori Arc, which has not appeared in the manga.

Fans are already looking forward to the release of Gintama, as they eagerly await for the classic gags and epic story that will be showcased in the upcoming series. In addition, the live-action film is furthering its reach, with all the fans who have been eager to watch the film since its release in July this year, having their wishes heard. For the moment though there is no official release date for when Gintama will be airing in the U.S, all fans have been told is that it will be soon, very soon.

(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures )

Already Gintama's live-action adaptation has generated $42 million USD overall and 980 million yen, which is the equivalent of $8.9 million USD, in only the films first four days. The manga is now in its final arc and is still ranked among the top-selling manga in Japan. Gintama's creator, Hideaki Sorachi's works since 2003 have inspired 328 animated episodes, a number of OVA's and two animated films. This live-action adaptation by Warner Bros. Pictures was originally released in July this year and has been rated one of the greatest live-action films derived from a manga ever.