Godzilla: King of the Monsters Director Reveals Cut Post-Credits Scene

Godzilla: King of the Monsters was the titanic Legendary Pictures sequel that brought kaiju such as King Ghidorah and Rodan into the path of the lizard king attempting to reclaim his crown, but there was one other big addition to the roster from the classic Toho Studio films in Mothra and the director of the film, Mike Dougherty, showed storyboards for a cut post credit scene that featured the "Mothra Twins". Given a modern makeover in the latest Western release, the "Mothra Twins" had a long history with the flying kaiju and it seems more was in store for them in the original plan!

Mike Dougherty helped to put together a blockbuster that featured some of the biggest giant monster battles we've ever seen, plunging the world into chaos caused by the arrival of the "Titans" in Godzilla and the many other kaiju. As Godzilla mostly fought against Ghidorah during the film, Mothra was usually clashing with Rodan and we got a new interpretation for the Mothra Twins. Dr. Ilene and Ling Chen were both portrayed as scientists that were studying Mothra to learn more about the giant insect, and have a far different take than what was originally seen of these sisters in the Toho Studios version.

The Director shared storyboards from the cut post credit scene, showing off one of the Chen sisters walking in secret into an underground lair, perhaps hinting that these characters were far more like their original interpretations than we had thought via the Legendary Pictures blockbuster:

With Mothra having died during the sequel, we aren't sure if the moth will somehow find its way into the upcoming crossover film that is dropping next year in Godzilla Vs. Kong, though there has definitely been crazier things that have happened in this latest story of the most famous kaiju. If Mothra were to return, we'd bet money that the Twins would also make their return as well.

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