'Grand Blue' Announces Anime Adaptation

Grand Blue is a slice of life series that's a cult hit with manga fans, but due to its limited [...]

Grand Blue is a slice of life series that's a cult hit with manga fans, but due to its limited production it doesn't quite have the massive popularity it deserves. Hopefully that support is on its way now that the series has finally gotten recognized enough for a new produced.

It has been announced that Grand Blue has been picked up for an anime adaptation.

Although there are no concrete details as to the adaptation's studio, cast, directors, or writers, the news of its existence alone is enough to pique fans' interest in the upcoming anime.

Fans are hoping the adaptation can keep the spirit of the manga alive as the series has broken beyond its story and delivers humor with its expressive illustrations. Many of the series' gags rely on the characters' heightened expressions and very fluid faces. Often filled with darker inks and rougher edges to emphasize main character Iori's faults.

The series has also gained popularity for the twists on a genre setup you would normally think would result in a common harem romance series. Main character Iori Kitahara moves to his uncle's beach side property for college, and he lives there with his two cousins. This kind of set-up usually leads to some sultry shenanigans, but Grand Blue twists the genre with hilarious effects.

For example, Iori meets a beautiful girl in the first chapter of the series. Given her introduction, a different series would paint her as the main romantic interest. But Grand Blue extinguishes this flame by giving her a major personality quirk that makes it impossible for her to ever fall in love with Iori. The series dashes many of the main character's hopes with a gleeful sweep, and fans are definitely excited to see this play out on screen.

For those unfamiliar with Grand Blue, the series was originally created by Inoue Kenji with illustrations provided by Yoshioka Kimitake. The series is a slice of life series that follows Iori Kitahara, who's recently began his college life. Moving to his uncle's diving shop, "Grand Blue," he realizes this new life is far more bumpy than he ever expected as he's confronted by rowdy upperclassman, beautiful women, and tons of alcohol fueled shenanigans. The series began its publication in Kodansha's good! Afternoon magazine in 2014 and has since been collected into nine volumes since 2016.