Gundam Announces New Film Release Date With 2021 Road Show

While the biggest movie in the Mobile Suit: Gundam franchise might be considered to be the upcoming Hathaway's Flash by many mech fans, which will take the opportunity to revisit the original universe of the series that debuted in the 1970s, the final part of the Reconguista In G Gundam series of films will arrive later this year. With a Road Show being created to honor the third and final part of the series, this film was also directed and written by franchise creator Yoshinori Tomino, having something in common with the upcoming anime film focusing on Hathaway.

The Official Twitter Account for Reconguista In G revealed the news that the film would make its debut this summer, on July 22nd, with a Road Show that will see the final film of this series make landfall and bring to a close the Gundam series that once again brought back the series' creator into a writer and director role:

For those who might be unfamiliar with this specific Gundam series, the official description for the anime reads as such:

"In the year Regild Century 1014, an entire millennium has passed since the end of the fabled Universal Century, where legends like Amuro Ray and Char Aznable ruled the battlefield as ace mobile suit pilots. The Earth's surface that was once hotly contested is now mostly abandoned, with humanity preferring to live in space colonies and the surface of the moon. Capital Guard Academy student Bellri Zenam lives a peaceful academic life, but his normal days are brought to an end with the capture of pirate pilot Aida Surugan and her mobile suit G-Self."


Though 2020 saw Mobile Suit Gundam having to delay a number of projects, 2021 is definitely attempting to make up for lost time.

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