Gundam Comes to Light in This Epic Stop-Motion Short Film

Mobile Suit Gundam is looking to celebrate 2021 with a bang by finally releasing the long-awaited next chapter of the franchise in the film, Hathaway's Flash, and one fan has decided to celebrate the anime by creating an epic stop motion short film that takes us back to the days of the first series that started it all. Hathaway's Flash will specifically focus on the universe of Amuro and Char, introducing a new character to the universe that was torn apart by the war that sprung forth from the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon.

The most popular Gundam mech suit is clearly the "RX-78-2", which was the initial mech that was introduced in the first anime series in the 1970s. Though the Gundam anime universe has introduced us to new realities along with a multitude of new mechs across the spectrum, the RX has long been what anime fans think of when they think of "Mobile Suits" in general. Though we haven't seen a hint of the classic suit from the marketing material that we've seen so far for Hathaway's Flash, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if the mech is featured with a grand return or a flashback that takes us back to the battle between Amuro and Char.

Twitter User Rihito Ue shared this insane stop motion film that takes figures from the universe of Mobile Suit Gundam and recreates a unique battle that was featured in the first series which highlighted the battle between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon:

One of the biggest additions to the Gundam universe was the "Walking Gundam", which took its first steps last year and is modeled after the first mech suit of its kind in the RX. Though there have been Gundam statues before in Japan and around the world, this new larger than life figure was the first to have the ability to walk under its own power and has been a huge tourist attraction for anime fans and average citizens alike. With the popularity of this statue, it will be interesting to see if any other Gundam mechs get similar productions.


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