Haikyuu Earns Seal of Approval from One of Volleyball's Biggest Stars

Haikyuu has taught fans all around the world how volleyball works, but it seems one of the sports' best captains is ready to share their thoughts on the anime. Recently, the captain of South Korea's national women's volleyball posted a video on Youtube of her watching the show. Kim Yeon-koung might be new to the anime, but she is by no means new to the sport, so it means a great deal to learn how much she enjoyed Haikyuu.

The video was posted when Kim was in quarantine after arriving in South Korea from abroad. The beloved player decided to react to Haikyuu after fans asked the athlete to share her thoughts, so she picked one hell of a match to review. Kim chose to react to the Spring Tournament match between Karasuno and Seijoh... and she was as stunned as the rest of us.

The video can be found above, and it shows Kim geeking out over the anime. The athlete, who is known affectionately as Bread Unnie, admitted she was wowed by the animation of Haikyuu. Not only was she impressed by the series' attention to detail, but its high-quality artwork made the match even more enjoyable.

haikyuu hinata
(Photo: Production IG )

Of course, the South Korean player gave insight into the match and its key points. She was amazed to see the match include hand signs as those are difficult to catch in the middle of a round. In fact, there were a lot of these moments which left Kim stunned, and she was ultimately entranced by the match's final rally towards the end.


For those of you who don't know Kim, she is the captain of the South Korean National Team and also plays for a Turkish team. Not only does she hold an Olympic record for her skill, but Kim is regarded as one of the sport's best players. So if anyone could verify Haikyuu as legit, it would be this athlete!

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