Haikyuu Changes Everything With a Game-changing Timeskip

Haikyuu has been one of Shonen Jump's steadiest series for years now. The sports manga focused on Hinata's journey to become like his volleyball, and he was not alone. The Karasuno team had plenty of athletes backing Hinata as they tried to reach their own goals. When it was reported Haikyuu would enter its final arc soon, fans were surprised to say the least, but no one expected the shift to be quite so huge.

After all, the series' final arc has started with the release of chapter 370. The surprising update let fans in on a massive time skip which blows past Hinata's high school years and puts him halfway across the world playing volleyball.

Sorry to break it to you, okay? It seems the Karasuno volleyball team as fans knew it is no more.

As you can read here, chapter 370 is pretty much groundbreaking for the series. The chapter takes place years after Hinata graduated from high school with the rest of his team. Kageyama, Yamaguchi, and the whole squad are out of school the disappointment of fans. While readers are glad to see the boys made it, they were upset to find out the Karasuno team never won Nationals despite their best efforts.

While most of the group went on to college, two of them decided to forego higher education. Kageyama was scouted by all sorts of professional teams, and he wowed everyone with his performance at the 2016 Olympics. As for Hinata, he decided to continue his training in Brazil by learning beach volleyball. In order to play everything on the field, Hinata has decided two years of his life to the beach, and the chapter reveals how the athlete has matured since high school.

Now, Haikyuu fans are eager to see how Haikyuu will move on with this final arc. Its stars have all graduated, but they still have much left to accomplish. Neither Kageyama or Hinata have reached their dreams, and you can bet Haikyuu won't rest until they get there.


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Haikyuu was created by Haruichi Furudate for Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012. If you're interested in seeing what Haikyuu is all about, you can read about it here: "Haikyuu is a slice-of-life sports anime revolving around Shoyo Hinata’s love of volleyball. Inspired by a small-statured pro volleyball player, Hinata creates a volleyball team in his last year of middle school. Unfortunately the team is matched up against the "King of the Court" Tobio Kageyama’s team in their first tournament and inevitably lose. After the crushing defeat, Hinata vows to surpass Kageyama After entering high school, Hinata joins the volleyball team only to find that Tobio has also joined."