HBO Max and Cartoon Network Cancels Another Animated Project

The last few weeks have been hard for HBO Max, and it all comes back to Warner Bros. Discovery's recent shifts. The company's merger prompted a major change at HBO Max as everything from animation to children's programming began undergoing cuts. Now, a new report reveals the streaming service has cut another one of its originals with Cartoon Network, and its creators were given little warning ahead of the move. 

Over on Twitter, reports popped up recently that Driftwood has been scrapped. The animated movie was in May 2022 by both HBO Max and Cartoon Network as an original title. At first, these rumors were little more than that, but industry pros corroborated the news to the disappointment of everyone.

According to a production manager at Cartoon Network, they are heartbroken to see Driftwood canceled well before it could show itself to fans. "Working on this was such a treat. The whole crew is amazing and we all were so excited to share this. Now, I'm just heartbroken that no one will see more than this poster," Finnjamin Button (Dhubetter) shared. Their comments were seconded by Jenn Hurler at Warner Bros. Animation who shared the following:

"This film was shaping up to be so fantastic and meaningful. I was so thrilled to have been a small part of such a gorgeous, original 2d animated film from a voice like Victor and a studio like CNS. F-cking sucks."

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For those unfamiliar with the project, Driftwood was ordered earlier this year with creator Victor Courtwright (Aquaman: King of Atlantis) at the helm. Described as a space opera with heart, Driftwood would tell the story of a creature named Clover journeying to find a lost city with sustainable fuel. However, an evil overlord who banks on society's fuel dependence wants nothing more than to destroy the fabled land. So as you can imagine, Clover and his allies find themselves racing against time to save their home and the world at large.

At this time, no plans have been shared to move Driftwood to another publisher. This latest cancellation comes shortly after HBO Max culled a number of animated titles from its service. Shows like Infinity Train were removed at the behest of Warner Bros. Discovery, leaving netizens and creators alike stunned by the unprecedented purge.

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