Japan Channels Dragon Ball with New Sex Education Anime "Condom Battler Goro"

There are plenty of odd commercials out there, but Japan takes the cake with one company's goal to [...]

There are plenty of odd commercials out there, but Japan takes the cake with one company's goal to mix anime and sex in a unique way. Rather than buy into echo shows, Okamoto Industries felt it was time to get creative as the condom company felt it was necessary to teach the public how to effectively use contraceptives. It was there the idea of a condom-centric anime was born and well... the show has finally come to the small screen.

As reported by Grape, Okamoto Industries left audiences in Japan stunned when it put out a new publicity pitch. The company created the anime Condom Battler Goro to entertain and teach users about how best to use condoms. The anime was thought up after reports in Japan revealed that most unwanted pregnancies came from teens and young adults not knowing proper condom etiquette. So in order to help the public, Condom Battler Goro has arrived!

The anime is wild, to say the absolute least, and there are four minute-long episodes available to watch now. In all honesty, the show can only be described as a mix of old-school anime art blended with tropes from Dragon Ball, Bakugan, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Hunter x Hunter.

The show follows Goro, a 24-year-old man who dreams of becoming the greatest Condom Battler. He go-to weapon is a 0.01 mm condom which he loads into an arm dispenser, and it opens to reveal a red rubbery armor that Goro wears in battle. It also gives the hero the ability to summon sperm and created a Rasengan-like attack out of the sticky substance.

There are other characters in the anime like Mike and Hayato who duel using their own condoms. The anime is filled with absurd dialogue and fights, but these heroes always make sure to teach a sex education lesson along the way. These surreal commercials may seem like a lot, but Okamoto Industries hopes they will help reduce unwanted pregnancies through education. And if those lessons come from a condom-wearing shonen hero, so be it.

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