SHINee's Kim Jonghyun Laid to Rest in Private Funeral Service

Kim Jonghyun has been laid to rest at a private funeral service in South Korea. The quiet affair took place a few days after the k-pop fandom learned the SHINee member had passed following an apparent suicide attempt.

After a two-day mortuary, close friends and family of the singer were ushered to the private burial at an unknown location. Jonghyun’s bandmates attended the affair as chief mourners, a position traditionally held in South Korea by relatives of the deceased. The singers stood in to fill the role as Lee Jinki (Onew), Choi Minho, Kim Kibum, and Lee Taemin helped carry Jonghyun’s coffin from his mortuary. The trio were assisted by members of Super Junior as Leeteuk, Donghae, and Eunhyuk leant their support.

Funeral arrangements for Jonghyun were announced shortly after the vocalist’s death was confirmed by police and his agency. SM Entertainment shared a brief statement announcing the singer’s passing on December 18 after Jonghyun had been found unconscious. The singer was rushed to a local hospital but pronounced dead upon arrival. The singer’s family opted to forego an autopsy, and reports confirmed Jonghyun had requested his organs be donated upon his passing.

Jonghyun’s tragic death has sparked a conversation within the k-pop fandom about the importance of mental health. In the past, the beloved singer spoke openly about his on-going struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder. As an advocate for mental health, Jonghyun’s passing came as a shock to fans around the world, and the fandom hopes to start meaningful conversations about the topic despite South Korea’s conservative views towards it.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from a mental health crisis, there are resources available out there. There are suicide prevention services available both within in the U.S. and internationally which can be reached at anytime.