New Junji Ito Collection Announced In "Deserter"

Junji Ito might be most well known for some of his long-form stories such as Uzumaki, Gyo, and [...]

Junji Ito might be most well known for some of his long-form stories such as Uzumaki, Gyo, and Tomie, but it seems as if more of his short stories are being collected and brought to North America thanks to the company Viz Media which has given us a number of the horror mangaka's bone-chilling tales. This year will see the arrival of the anime adaptation of Uzumaki, landing on Adult Swim from Production IG which looks to be the closest adaptation of Ito's work to date, which will bring this story of a cursed town to a brand new audience.

Though we don't know exactly what all the different stories will be in this new anthology that is releasing later this year, we at least know the details about one of them in the short story by Junji Ito, "A Deserter In The House". In this spooky tale, we follow a family that has survived the events of World War 2 and now has to deal with a supernatural threat that is making its presence known in their home. While The Junji Ito Collection was able to give us a number of anime adaptations of classic Ito tales such as "Fashion Model", "The Long Dream", and "Greased", many felt that the series by Studio Deen wasn't able to live up to the high quality presented by its source material.

Viz Media shared the news that this new Junji Ito Collection, "Deserter: Junji Ito Story Collection" would be dropping this fall and would be reproducing some of the earlier works of who is now the greatest horror mangaka currently operating today, and perhaps ever:

While this year will see the arrival of Adult Swim's Uzumaki, the same can't be said of the live-action adaptation of Tomie that was originally in the works for the streaming service of Quibi. When the company shuttered its doors in 2020, so to was the project scrapped, but we're sure that there will certainly be more adaptations of Junji Ito's terrifying stories down the line.

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