Kingdom Season 3 Shares New Trailer

Though Kingdom has never quite hit the same levels of popularity in North America as it has across the seas in the East, the anime continues to march forward with its popular story, releasing a new trailer for its third season that is seeking to expand the universe of Li Xin. With the story of Kingdom based on real historical events that helped in forming the nation of China, the upcoming season is clearly looking to add to the action and drama that the franchise has become known for since debuting as a manga in 2006.

Last year, Kingdom, like many other anime franchises, was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with the continuation of its third season having to be pushed back as a result of the virus that threw a monkey wrench into countless projects in the medium of anime. In April of last year, the first four episodes of the third season were able to drop for fans looking to continue the somewhat historically accurate take, with the franchise announcing that the television series will be making its grand comeback beginning on April 4th, picking up where the action had left off in 2020. Needless to say, there's a lot of land to traverse as the action anime marches forward.

Kingdom shared the trailer for Season Three using its Official Twitter Account, giving fans of the series a better idea of what the third season has in store for Xin as the upcoming installments will continue to cover the Alliance Arc from its manga source material:


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