Kingdom Confirms New Season 3 Release Date Following COVID Delay

Yasuhisa Hara's Kingdom has finally confirmed the new release date for Season 3 following its delay from COVID-19. Fans had been eagerly anticipating the debut of the third season given the several year wait following the end of the second, but unfortunately were hit with a ton of bad news. Much like many of the anime airing during the Spring 2020 season, Kingdom's third season production and release had been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. While it was later announced it would return for a new run in Spring 2021, now the series has confirmed exactly when it will return.

The latest update from Kingdom's official Twitter account has confirmed that Season 3 of the series will begin re-airing with its first episode on April 4th. With the original run of the series airing until its fifth episode, it's going to be a couple of weeks after this return before brand new episodes actually make the airwaves. But to go with this announcement, the series released a new key visual for the third season that you can check out below:

With this being one of the most anticipated debuts of the 2020 anime release year overall before its unfortunate delay, fans are undoubtedly looking forward to finally seeing what the third season of this series has to offer. But unlike Spring 2020, Kingdom will be making its return as part of a jam packed season this year featuring all sorts of other notable major returns and brand new adaptations.

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