Lookism Is Getting Its Own Anime at Netflix

Anime and manga are one of this world's perfect pairs. Over the decades, countless manga have gone on to inspire hit shows and vice versa. In recent years, anime has even expanded its repertoire to manhwa adaptations as South Korean webtoons have exploded in popularity as of late. And now, a new report has confirmed the drama Lookism is getting its own anime at Netflix!

The news went live just recently courtesy of Netflix and its TADUM event overseas. It was there fans were informed Park Tae-joon's hit manhwa is getting its own series adaptation, and you can check out its first trailer below.

The series, which will drop on November 4th, is being produced by Studio Mir. The company is well-known to animation and anime lovers given its work on The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks, Dota: Dragon's Blood, and more. Of course, Studio Mir is also located in South Korea, so there are few production studios out there that know how big Lookism is with fans. And judging by this trailer above, well – the show's team is pulling out all the stops for Park's story.

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For those unfamiliar with Lookism, the manhwa focuses on a boy named Daniel Park, a freshman in high school who is bullied because of their weight and height. After moving to a new school, Daniel awakens one day to find himself in a brand-new body that fits every bit of society's beauty standards. But as Daniel begins experiencing life in both bodies, his once simple days as a fashion student crumble into something far from complicated. 

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