Dungeons & Dragons Is Getting a Webtoon

The iconic Dungeons & Dragons character Drizzt is coming to Webtoon. Earlier this month, Wizards of the Coast announced that it would launch an official Dungeons & Dragons Webtoon in 2023, which would star Drizzt and Cattie-Brie's daughter Brie. The series will see Brie (also known as Breezy) "borrow" her father's iconic sword Twinkle and head out to find out what it takes to be a hero. The new untitled Webtoon will be written by Suitor Armor creator Purpah and illustrator Ryan LeCount. Drizzt's creator R.A. Salvatore is also involved with the project. "I can only say that I'm working closely with Melanie and Ryan, and they are rock stars in bringing Breezy to life," said Salvatore on Twitter.

Preview art from the new series can be seen below:

(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Webtoon is a digital comic platform that originated in South Korea and has a massive audience of younger readers. Webtoons are formatted for mobile devices with vertical scrolling and can be accessed by either a mobile app or through Webtoon's website. More and more franchises are turning to Webtoon to reach younger audiences. Both Marvel and DC have teamed up with the popular webcomic platform to reach younger audiences, with Batman: Wayne Family Adventures being particularly successful. Crunchyroll has also teamed up with Webtoon to develop several series into animes, including Tower of God. 

2023 marks the 35th anniversary since the release of The Crystal Shard, the first book to feature the iconic drow ranger Drizzt Do'urden. While Drizzt was intended to be a supporting character in the series, he quickly became a popular character and Salvatore quickly made Drizzt the focus of a long-running novel series that continues to this day. Nearly 40 Drizzt-focused novels have been released, with the most recent book Glacier's Edge coming out earlier this year.