Lupin The 3rd Vs Cats Eye Crossover Film Revealed

Lupin The Third has been attempting to swipe more than his fair share of treasures throughout his career as a "Gentlemen Thief" and anime fans have had the opportunity to follow him through numerous series and films. While the protagonist has fought against Detective Conan in the past, a new crossover will arrive next year as Lupin finds himself tangling with some familiar art thieves in Lupin The Third Vs. Cat's Eye. Hitting Amazon Prime next year, the new film released its first poster and trailer to give anime fans a first look at the crossover.    

Lupin The Third Vs. Cat's Eye released not only a new poster that sees the two anime universes crossing over for the first time, but also has revealed a new trailer to give anime fans a better idea of how the series' thieves will look in the CG style:

(Photo: TMS)

This crossover definitely might come as a surprise to many, as the last time Cat's Eye received an animated series was in 1984, with the sequel to its original television series. While the manga made a comeback in 2010 thanks to writer Sakura Nakameguro and illustrator Shin Asai, the art thieves have been away from the anime scene for quite a number of decades. For the upcoming crossover film, the original voice actor for the art thieves' series, Keiko Toda, will be returning to her role at Hitomi Kisugi, joining Keiko Toda as Lupin. 

If you've never had the chance to dive into the Cat's Eye series, it can currently be streamed on Crunchyroll, HDive, Pluto TV, Crackle, and Retro Crush, with the former releasing an official description of the series that reads as such:

"Cat's Eye is the most notorious group of art thieves in Japan. No one knows their identities, but for most of Tokyo, the mystery only heightens their allure. To bumbling detective Utsumi Toshio, Cat's Eye is a colossal pain in the neck. They outwit him and the rest of the police at every turn, making them look ridiculous. He would never dream of being in love with someone in Cat's Eye. Except he already is."

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