Director Makoto Shinkai 'Vaguely' Knows What His Next Anime Will Be

Makoto Shinkai stands as one of Japan's biggest directors nowadays. The artist swept the world by [...]

Makoto Shinkai stands as one of Japan's biggest directors nowadays. The artist swept the world by storm with Your Name a few years back, and Weathering With You did much the same. Shinkai's films have managed to beat out the global gross of Spirited Away which Hayao Miyazaki secured long ago. Now, all eyes are on Shinkai as the director looks towards his next project, and he just revealed he's got a vague idea of what he is doing.

Recently, Shinkai did an interview with Mainichi Shimbun, and it was there the director spoke about his future plans. It was there he said he's been thinking about his next anime, but he hasn't firmed up enough of a plan to talk about it publicly.

"I've thought about it, and I've vaguely figured out the direction, but it's certainly not at the stage where I can talk about it yet. It's something I've been agonizing over," Shinkai explained.

Given the success of his past films, fans are more than happy waiting for Shinkai to think on his n next story for as long as he needs. Your Name and Weathering With You not only wowed with their artwork but love stories as well. Each of them folds in science fiction with slice-of-life drama, and Shinkai hopes to keep up his streak with a new movie in three years.

"I do think that if we are able to make a film every three years, the audience will be able to keep up without giving up on me," he said. "The question is whether I'll be able to release something in three years, and I still don't know at this point. I'll do my best."

For now, fans will have to wait a bit longer for Shinkai to firm up a plan. The director wants to put the things he learned from Your Name and Weathering With You into this third film. The clock is ticking towards Shinkai's next story, and audiences will be ready to take it in whenever it's done.

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