Viral Job Ad Asks Engineers If They Can Build a Gundam Suit

Once you have an engineering degree in hand, it seems like you can do just about anything. From medicine to automotive and beyond, the fields an engineer can work in are massive, but there is one you may not have thought about. A viral job ad from Japan is now pitching such an idea to engineers amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and it has many wondering if they'll try to build a Gundam suit after this situation has passed.

The ad, which was reported on by Anime News Network has become a viral one overseas. The clip was made by Cognvai, a company from Japan which works with engineering in many fields. Cognavi decided to recruit new employees with an online campaign which asks whether applicants have what it takes to build a Gundam suit on their own.

The reel starts out with Toma Ikuta acting as an engineer from our own world. It doesn't take the hero long to stumble into the universe of Mobile Suit Gundam, and it is there he meets Char. The animate legend tells Ikuta his skills in engineering make him valuable in this sci-fi franchise, and that prompts our hero to take up a job building actual mechs as a Zeon soldier.

gundam job ad anime
(Photo: Cognavi)

Currently, a second job ad is planned to hit TV under Cognavi, and it will star Mobile Suit Gundam's Amuro Ray. Cognavi plans to release this ad on Youtube worldwide for Gundam fans to enjoy even if they are not in Japan. After all, engineering skills are universal, and the call to build Gundam suits is one that knows no borders.

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