My Hero Academia Cosplay Goes Purple With Femme Mineta

Of all the students in UA Academy's Class 1-A, there are none that are more committed to being the comic relief than the purple headed aspiring hero, Mineta, and one fan has created some amazing cosplay that captures the aesthetic of the young crime fighter, purple balled hair and all! Though Mineta's powers on their surface may seem to be too ridiculous in comparison to the likes of Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki, they have certainly come in handy when the sticky purple balls have been used to stop some villains in their tracks!

In the latest season of My Hero Academia, Mineta's ridiculous obsession with the girls of his class continued, and he hardly had much of an opportunity to show off his heroic side. Though Mineta might not have the ability to fight one on one with the likes of Shigaraki or Stain, he has been able to team up with his classmates like Midoriya and Froppy to incorporate his unique Quirk into some amazing double and triple team moves. In the recent feature length film of the franchise, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Mineta helped his classmates in their fight against the villain known as Stain, proving that regardless of his status as the class clown, he is learning how to best use his Quirk in a pinch.

Instagram Cosplayer Kawaii_Kai_Cosplay shared this amazing interpretation of Mineta with a big twist, as the student of UA Academy keeps struggling with his desire to become a professional hero versus his desire to score a date as he learns to better master his Quirk within Class 1-A:

Mineta is definitely one of the stranger looking characters of My Hero Academia, and while we don't necessarily see him saving the world by himself any time soon, he definitely can still give fans laughs in the most dire of times of the series.

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