My Hero Academia Slated to Drop Major Announcement Soon

When it comes to My Hero Academia, fans are always ready to get the latest scoop. The show has kept fans hanging on with its latest season, but things are starting to come to an end. It is only a matter of weeks until the final two episodes of My Hero Academia season four go live, so that is why the franchise is teasing fans with a big announcement that is on the way.

Recently, reports surfaced online about My Hero Academia and a special gift it has in store for fans. The information appears to have come from the upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, and the tease reveals a major announcement is coming for My Hero Academia shortly.

In fact, it turns out the magazine will reveal the big announcement in two weeks. The info will be shared in the magazine's 19th issue, so fans can expect to find out the big secret just after My Hero Academia brings season four to an end.

Of course, fans have a pretty good idea of what is to come. My Hero Academia has a sort of standard when it comes to announcing new seasons. When the anime has prepared such announcements in the past, it has done so with a massive spread in Weekly Shonen Jump. The season preview may be given in the finale of My Hero Academia as well, but additional information can be found in Weekly Shonen Jump shortly after.


Fans seem pretty confident that a season five reveal is on the way, and that is because My Hero Academia's finale lines up with this announcement date. There is always a chance the special announcement could be about a movie, but netizens are keeping fingers crossed a season five reveal is in the works.

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