My Hero Academia Anime Releases New Visual For The Final Exam Arc

My Hero Academia’s second season premiered with Japanese subtitles on both Hulu and Crunchyroll [...]

My Hero Academia's second season premiered with Japanese subtitles on both Hulu and Crunchyroll on April 1st, with Funnimation also streaming the English Dub. Currently, the series' second season has so far covered the U.A Sports Festival arc and is completing the Hero killer Stain arc, with the visuals for the upcoming arc only just being released.

(Photo: Bones)

In the lead-up to the Final Exams arc, the My Hero Academia's official website has revealed the new key visual that the anime will be using for the arc. The new Final Exams visual was drawn by character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi, with the next arc starting on September 2nd, 2017.

Currently, the anime's fans have learned about the origins of One For All and have also been given a glimpse of the All For One and its origins. Midoriya had also learned that the man behind the All For One is still alive and the very man who injured All Might. In addition, Midoriya can now control 5% of his powers, with him and his friends now being strong enough to take down Hero Killer Stain.

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(Photo: Bones)

You can read Viz Media's synopsis of My Hero Academia below:

"What would the world be like if 80 percent of the population manifested superpowers called Quirks? Heroes and villains would be battling it out everywhere! Being a hero would mean learning to use your power, but where would you go to study? The Hero Academy, of course! But what would you do if you were one of the 20 percent who were born Quirkless?"

Kohei Horikoshi was born in Aichi, Japan, in 1986. He received a Tezuka Award Honorable Mention in 2006, and after publishing several short stories in Akamaru Jump, his first serialized work in Weekly Shonen Jump was Oumagadoki Doubutsuen in 2010. Barrage was his second series and My Hero Academia his third series in Weekly Shonen Jump.