My Hero Academia Reveals Name for Deku's Vigilante Form

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a superhero since he was a kid. Thanks to All Might, these dreams of becoming a pro hero were set on the right path, but things have taken a turn as of late. With society upturned, Izuku has been fighting solo, and it turns out the My Hero Academia manga has a name for his dark form.

The whole thing began when Izuku recovered from his latest hospital trip, and he awoke to find things out of hand. The boy learned that not only did Shigaraki escape the massive raid on the Paranormal Liberation Army, but his allies did too. Now, All For One has escaped prison and turned society upside down as villains are on the loose. Izuku felt like he had no choice but to fight solo given the target on his back, and creator Kohei Horikoshi has a name for his slump.

According to Horikoshi, he dubs this take on Izuku as Dark Deku, and it is easy to see why. The creator explains in his notes for My Hero Academia volume 31 that Dark Deku describes his physical and mental state. The hero is stuck in a rut when he dons this look, and its sharp designs mirror the splintered state of his psyche. And thanks to these notes, fans know Dark Deku's costume is just as ragged since it is covered with mud, blood, dirt, and ash.

Clearly, Izuku is in a dark place right now, so the name of his current form fits. If fans are lucky, the hero will not be stuck in this place for much longer, and we have his classmates to thank. The whole of Class 1-A has been on the hunt for Izuku ever since he went rogue, and the vigilante has been found at last. Now, the only thing left is for the students to bring Izuku home, and it seems like Tenya Iida might be the one who breaks through to him.


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