My Hero Academia Cosplay Heats Up With Fem Dabi

Dabi is definitely one of the most popular villains in the Shonen franchise of My Hero Academia, [...]

Dabi is definitely one of the most popular villains in the Shonen franchise of My Hero Academia, especially when fans recently learned the truth behind his lineage during the manga's War Arc, with one fan putting together some stylish Cosplay to bring the flame wielder to life. As the hero community attempts to decide what the best route to take is against the villains, it's clear that Shoto Todoroki is going to have a confrontation with the villain whose Quirk burned away a good porting of his own body.

Dabi's power rivals that of Endeavor's, if not completely overcomes it, putting Todoroki in a tough position as it seems that the current number one hero won't have the ability to take down the blue flame wielder. Though Dabi didn't make many appearances in the fourth season of the anime, with Overhaul and his gang taking center stage as the biggest villains of the first arc of season four, he did have a slight role to play in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising in which we got a taste of him testing out his flame against Endeavor. Needless to say, expect Dabi to have a role in the upcoming fifth season that will take the opportunity to dive into the lives of Shigaraki and his clan.

Instagram Cosplayer Blood Raven shared this dark Cosplay that imagines Dabi with a significant makeover, still capturing the aesthetic of the damaged villain that has a bone to pick with members of his family after his attempts to become a hero himself had fallen to the wayside:

2021 will make for a big year for My Hero Academia, not just with the release of the fifth season of the anime, but also with the third feature-length movie of the franchise hitting theaters later this year. Though the details about the movie have yet to be revealed, Todoroki will have a big role to play with the fire ice hero being marketed as one of the "three musketeers" alongside Deku and Bakugo.

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