My Hero Academia Cosplay Spreads Its Wings With Fem Hawks

My Hero Academia's fourth season didn't just give us the introduction of the villains of Overhaul and Gentle Criminal, but the current number two hero in the winged avengers known as Hawks, and the character clearly remains a fan favorite with cosplayers still creating new interpretations of the character with their unique creations. With the finale of season four of the anime showing off the combined forces of Hawks and the number one hero in Endeavor, it's clear that the high flying crime fighter will have a big role to play in the future of the series!

Though season four might have come to an end, the fifth season has already been confirmed, and based on the source material of the manga, it's clear that Hawks will have a significant role to play. In the manga currently, the story arc of the Paranormal Liberation War has been following what might be the biggest battle so far between the heroes and villains of the world. With Hawks having a heavy role in the proceedings, fans are left wondering if he will ultimately survive the insane battle as he recently had to be saved from a terrifying encounter with the mysterious flame based villain known as Dabi!

Instagram Cosplayer Allison Senpai had released this image of a "Fem Hawks" to celebrate the release of the recent My Hero Academia OVA which told us a brand new story for Midoriya and the other students of Class 1-A within the prolific school known as UA Academy:

Hawks was able to ascend not just thanks to how much the public of the anime universe loves him, but also thanks in part to his unique Quirk which not only gives him the power of flight, but allows him to control each of his feathers individually to turn himself into a both an offensive and defensive threat!

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