My Hero Academia Cosplay Celebrates Evil With Fem Overhaul

My Hero Academia's fourth season introduced the big bad known as Overhaul, the head of the Yakuza who was searching for a "magic bullet" that would have the ability to erase the Quirks of whoever it hit and one fan has decided to give the antagonist a decidedly new look. Even though Overhaul's reign of terror came to an end thanks to the combined powers of Midoriya and his friends from UA Academy, his legacy is currently playing out in the latest chapters of My Hero Academia's manga and the current story arc of the Paranormal Liberation War!

Overhaul was indeed successful at creating the magic bullets, using the blood and genetic material of Eri, the young girl whose Quirk allowed her to "reverse" a target's biology. Using this power for good, Eri was instrumental in eventually defeating the Yakuza leader by reversing all the damage that Deku was doing to his own body by accessing the full power of the Quirk of One For All. With Overhaul defeated, he was taken into custody and was permanently crippled thanks in part to Shigaraki and the League of Villains, who stole the bullets from the mob boss' person, leaving him defeated physically and emotionally.

Instagram Cosplayer Slash.Cos shared this spot on interpretation of Overhaul, capturing the menace and aesthetic of the season four villain that was nearly able to destroy the current power structure of the world of heroes and villains that the aspiring young crime fighters have been working so hard to protect:

Overhaul's bullets have had a big role to play in the latest arc of the manga, though we doubt that the Yakuza based villain will be making an appearance in the series moving forward considering the loss of his limbs in season four. Though in a series like My Hero Academia, fans should definitely "never say never" when it comes to characters returning.

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