My Hero Academia Unlocks New One For All Quirk

My Hero Academia's newest chapter has upped the ante by unlocking a new One For All quirk. As we [...]

My Hero Academia's newest chapter has upped the ante by unlocking a new One For All quirk. As we have seen throughout the course of the war against the Paranormal Liberation Front thus far, Izuku Midoriya has been rapidly progressing through his use of One For All as almost as if Shigaraki taking on the All For One power has fueled Midoriya's growth as well. It's like the two of them are growing in tandem now, and that's resulted in Midoriya actually unlocking the next quirk in One For All by the end of the newest chapter.

Deku has been thrown into a rage as Shigaraki dealt a nearly fatal blow to Gran Torino, and has already killed many heroes and innocents already. We have seen smaller examples of Deku's One For All usage rapidly growing in power as he uses it to fight against Shigaraki in this blinding rage, and now it has given him access to Nana Shimura's quirk.

One of the biggest surprises following the fight against Overhaul and Deku using 100 percent of his One For All power at a longer use than ever was that one of One For All's effects was stockpiling. The quirk stockpiled not only the strength of each holder before, but also stocked each of their quirks with one another. This led to Deku eventually master a second ability on top of his standard strength boost, Blackwhip.

My Hero Academia New One For All Quirk Float Nana Shimura Manga Spoilers
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Now that he's mastered that second ability, Deku has moved onto the next one. Chapter 283 of the series sees Shigaraki quickly deciding to go all out and just decay everyone at once as he nears his body's time limit. As Shigaraki's hand touches the group, Deku Blackwhips everyone and jumps into the air.

Now floating, it's clear that Deku has now unlocked the access to Nana Shimura's Float quirk as he tries to end Shigaraki with a final blow as the fight comes to an end. Shigaraki has become stronger than ever, but this fight has shown that Deku will be able to keep up at least this much when push comes to shove.

Did you expect Izuku Midoriya to unlock Nana Shimura's quirk in One For All? What kind of quirk do you want to see him unlock next? Do you think these abilities will be enough to face off against this new Shigaraki? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!