My Hero Academia Cosplay Unleashes The Villainous Toga

Toga is easily a fan favorite when it comes to the many villains that My Hero Academia has introduced to threaten hero society over the years. The Shonen series is set to bring back its anime adaptation later this year with its sixth season, which is set to have a major role for the blood-drinking villainess. Now, one cosplayer has taken the opportunity to bring one of Toga's scariest forms to life as the member of the League of Villains prepares for her big comeback.   

The fifth season of My Hero Academia didn't just see Toga overtake a number of villains within the roster of the Meta Liberation Army, she took a trip to the past with a series of flashbacks that revealed that the villain always had some mental issues throughout her life. Believing that she could not fit into everyday life thanks to her love of blood and violence, Toga would eventually join the League of Villains thanks to the influence of Stain the Hero Killer. With this trip to the past in season five, Toga was able to gain a new power that allows her to access the Quirks, along with the appearance, of the victims whom she steals blood from.

Instagram Cosplayer Sunflow3r Samurai shared a video of My Hero Academia's Toga, with the cosplayer proving that she definitely has the chops when it comes to bringing one of the Shonen series' most popular villains to life before the War Arc descends upon the heroes of UA Academy this fall:

While Toga has a big role in the War Arc, the villain also has a significant role in the Final Arc of My Hero Academia's manga, with the blood-drinking member of the League of Villains recently sharing her true feelings for Deku. Luckily for Midoriya, he was given a means of escape from Toga's clutches thanks to both Ochaco and Froppy, though Toga remains a serious threat to the world of Hero Society, especially thanks to her recent power-up following the traumatic events of the War Arc.


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