My Hero Academia Just Dropped Toga's Wildest Confession

My Hero Academia really took Izuku Midoriya's breath away with Himiko Toga's sudden romantic confession with the newest chapter of the series! As the Final Act continues the war between the heroes and villains, fans have gotten to see the many ways each of the heroes had been getting ready for this final conflict. Interestingly enough, one of the key figures leading into the fight on the villains' side of things was Toga and how she was feeling leading into the final battle. The more we get to see of her, the more complicated she becomes emotionally and mentally.

The glimpses we had seen of Toga's past have highlighted how she has equated love with the bloodlust driven by her quirk, and this has twisted into the villainous visage that she currently has. The previous chapter of the series saw her drag Izuku to her and Ochaco's fighting location and somehow had dodged Izuku's Danger Sense to do it. It's explained in the newest chapter of the series that Izuku's power didn't activate because Toga isn't attacking him out of malice or threat, but instead out of love as she asks him to be her boyfriend as the chapter comes to an end. 

Chapter 347 of My Hero Academia reveals that Izuku and Toga's battle is actually taking place on a remote island and he thus needs to somehow get to the battlefield with Tomura Shigaraki as fast as possible. When Toga finds out that Izuku is trying to leave, she rushes to his side and urges him not to go because she loves him. Izuku realizes that his Danger Sense isn't recognizing her attacks as an actual threat, and he soon finds out why as she reveals that what she really wants from Izuku is to be her boyfriend. It's here that he pieces together that she's moving completely out of her idea of love. 

Toga has made her feelings of love completely known throughout the series thus far, but it has yet to be revealed what he concept of a "boyfriend" actually means. We have seen small glimpses at what happens to those she loves in this manner, but it's clear that her feelings for Izuku are on a whole other level. This means Izuku's probably in far more danger than he might immediately grasp from this moment and we'll soon see how Toga chases after this love even further. 

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