My Hero Academia Reveals the Winner of Deku v Gentle

My Hero Academia's Cultural Festival seemed like it was going to be much less involving than the intense string of fights from the Shie Hassaikai arc that had come before, but this had changed over the last few episodes. Fans were introduced to a much different set of villains with Gentle Criminal and La Brava who were not as outright violent as the other foes in the anime thus far, but instead were out to make a name for themselves online. Gentle had been targeting U.A. Academy in order to send a message to his followers, but had suddenly bumped into Deku before making his way in.

The fight between the two kicked off immediately after as Deku put together that the stranger he met on the street was the same villain who had been plotting something against U.A. Academy. Using some of the new techniques he had been training with, and utilizing his new gear acquired from Mei Hatsume, Deku jumped into action as Gentle Criminal tried whatever he could to accomplish his dream.

But this fight came to an end in Episode 85 of the series as the Cultural Festival was getting ready to kick off in full. With this show on the line, and Gentle and La Brava's dream on the other, Deku ended up outsmarting the use of Gentle's quirk and succinctly won the fight against the villain. There are a few caveats, however.


Although Deku did win the fight against Gentle, it wasn't a clear cut victory. Gentle refused to give up on his dream, and La Brava was going to do the same. But when it looked like she would be dragged in for his crimes, Gentle instead launched Deku away and turned himself into the pros. He cared for La Brava so much that he refused to let her be taken down with him, and seeing that Deku was also fighting for the same type of dream, Gentle put an end to the fight to make it look like one didn't even take place.

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