'My Hero Academia' Creator Already Knows Its Final Fight

My Hero Academia is only a few years old, but the series has a promising future ahead of it. Over the last two years, Kohei Horikoshi’s series has become a juggernaut within the industry thanks to its stellar anime and manga arcs. So, some fans will be sad to learn the creator has an ending in mind already.

This weekend saw Jump Festa take over Tokyo, and the event went big with My Hero Academia. The franchise held a massive panel at the event to drop new trailers and movie information. However, the stage also nodded to the series’ manga, and it was there Horikoshi confirmed he knows how My Hero Academia will go out.

Attendees at Jump Festa snapped photos of a placard from the panel which Horikoshi wrote on. The creator wrote that he knew the final fight of My Hero Academia already and that the manga will steadily lead up to the showdown.

Of course, Horikoshi stopped short of saying which heroes and villains would be included in the fight. Fans are assuming Izuku will be front-and-center during the skirmish with Shigaraki, but the series could always surprise readers. My Hero Academia surely has a long way to go before it wraps, and plenty of new nemeses could be introduced by then.


The note about Horikoshi’s planning may depress some, but others are encouraged by the admission. In the past, scores of shonen writers have let their series flounder because they did not plan ahead with their stories. Franchises like Fairy Tail and Bleach notably suffered from their artists’ lack of foresight, so it is nice to hear Horikoshi has an endpoint he knows he must work towards. If he did not have that, then My Hero Academia would be destined to get some serious filler arcs in the future.

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