My Hero Academia Honors Aizawa's Big Season 6 Save With MVP Award

My Hero Academia is getting more intense with each new episode of Season 6 so far, and Eraser Head has been awarded a major MVP honor thanks to his big save in the newest episode of the anime! As the heroes now launch into a full war against the Paranormal Liberation Front with the first few episodes of the sixth season thus far, Aizawa has found himself in the middle of some of the biggest efforts in this war so far thanks to just how crucial his ability to erase other quirks has already come in handy with the first fights against the High-End Nomus and Shigaraki.

Aizawa has been very important to the heroes thus far thanks to his Erasure ability helping to nerf the High-End Nomus (so important that he was crucially saved by another pro hero when Shigaraki woke up), and he will be even more so as Shigaraki has begun to unleash the full slate of his new abilities. Thus My Hero Academia has given Aizawa the MVP award for Episode 119 of the series thanks to his quick save of Ryukyu by eliminating Shigaraki's decay before the worst happened. Check it out: 

What Happens in My Hero Academia Episode 119? 

Episode 119 of My Hero Academia brings Tomura Shigaraki fully to the battlefield and it begins to reveal just how much power he now has following absorbing All For One and all of the experiments Dr. Garaki did on his body following the end of the fifth season. The small demonstration of his many new quirks was already dangerous on its own, and it would have been even more so without Aizawa quickly making it to the action and using his Erasure to knock out Shigaraki's new powers. 

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Following Crust's sacrifice, Aizawa now is more motivated than ever to help bring Shigaraki down. Knowing just how much more dangerous the villain is at this point, Aizawa is going to be very crucial to the fight moving forward. Now it's just a matter of seeing how long the villains can hold out against this much stronger version of the villain than ever seen before. 

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