My Hero Academia Actor Comments on Aizawa's Killer Cliffhanger

My Hero Academia has taken season six to the next level, and its most recent episode proved how far the anime will take its heroes. After all, the raid against Shigaraki has gone belly up, and our pros are in worse shape than ever. With scores of heroes dead, Shigaraki has set his sights on Izuku at last, but the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A isn't about to let the villain out of his sight. And now, the actor behind Aizawa is speaking out about the show's latest episode.

As you can see here, Junichi Suwabe hit up Twitter to share his thoughts after My Hero Academia posted its newest update. It was there the actor acknowledge a fan vote that crowned Aizawa the MVP of episode 119. So of course, the actor had to acknowledge his character's most nefarious fan.

"Aizawa's coolness is certified by the villains," Suwabe wrote. "Thank you."

Aizawa's Next Move

Of course, My Hero Academia fans know who Aizawa is talking about here. Shigaraki has been a fan of Aizawa for some time but not in a role-model way. No, the villain has an almost jealous admiration for Aizawa. The pro hero never fails to ruin Shigaraki's plans whenever he is around, and that was made clear this weekend. After all, Aizawa has erased Shigaraki's quirks, and the villain is going to do whatever he can to get Eraserhead's gaze off of him.

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Unfortunately, Aizawa does not have the best defenses at the moment. His eyes are strained, and a rogue Nomu shattered part of Aizawa's leg during his hospital escape. With Rock Lock at his front, the Erasure Hero doesn't have a shot at blocking Shigaraki if the pros fighting let the villain past their guard. But there is one thing on Aizawa's side right now and that's his protective streak.

There is no one more determined to protect Class 1-A than Aizawa, and we all know it. The hero is determined to live just like All Might because of his students. With Izuku in danger, there is no telling what Aizawa will do to stay in the game, and his will to live surely outmatches Shigaraki's will to destroy.

Did the latest episode of My Hero Academia catch you by surprise? Are you a bigger fan of Aizawa than Shigaraki is? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.