My Hero Academia Season 6 Shows Off Shigaraki's New Look With Special Poster

My Hero Academia has officially unleashed Tomura Shigaraki's new All For One power with the newest episode of the series, and Season 6 of the anime is showing off his scary new look with a special new power! The sixth season of the series has kicked off a huge war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, but the heroes had been struggling while trying to do as much as they could before Shigaraki himself made it to the battlefield. But as the final moments of the previous episode demonstrated, the heroes are now completely out of time as Shigaraki is now making his terrifying move.

With Shigaraki's awakening it was teased that he was now much more powerful than he ever has been in the anime before, and this was made frighteningly clear with the newest episode of the series as he has not only been boosted by All For One's power, but has been granted a whole slate of quirks that the villain had stored up. This has made him an all new version of Shigaraki, and it's this new look that My Hero Academia's newest poster for Season 6 gives the spotlight to. Check it out below: 

What Happens in My Hero Academia Episode 119? 

My Hero Academia Episode 119 picks up right after Shigaraki had awakened and showed off his powered up new version of Decay. But as he begins to move his way towards One For All in the newest episode, the anime also shows off a bunch of the quirks that are now at his disposal. It's not just his new quirks either as it was made clear that Dr. Garaki's experiments on Shigaraki have also made the villain's body much physically stronger as a result too so he could bear the weight of all his new quirks. 

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The episode demonstrated Endeavor and the other heroes' first real efforts against this new Shigaraki, and if that's anything to go by, then the fight is going to last a lot longer than the heroes might have hoped for. If you wanted to catch up with My Hero Academia's new season as it airs overseas, you can now find Season 6 (and the previous five seasons) now streaming with Crunchyroll. 

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