My Hero Academia Reveals the Horrifying Extent of Hawks' Injuries

Despite his recent introduction to My Hero Academia, Hawks has become one of its top Pro Heroes with fans. The flying hero has a difficult past which gives him all the angst, and the manga has only twisted that knife further. And thanks to the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia, fans have learned Hawks has been hit with an actual whump stick which has maybe crippled the hero.

So if you are not caught up with the manga, you better be careful! There are spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 271 below:

It wasn't long ago that the franchise's newest chapter went live, and it was there Hawks found a savior in Tokoyami. The boy may be a provisional hero under U.A. Academy, but he had no qualms facing Dabi if it meant saving his idol. The fiery villain has been battering Hawks left and right with flames, but Tokoyami could not have been prepared to see the damage Hawks had taken.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

When Tokoyami arrives on the scene, his Dark Shadow covers up Hawks to shield him and assess the damage. It is then that Dark Shadow begins to cry, and see tells his master that Hawks' back is gone.

"His back... It's gone," Dark Shadow tells a shocked Tokoyami.


As you can imagine, this kind of injury is extreme in the biggest of ways. Not only is the physical wound on Hawks' back bad but it is doing all sorts of things internally. When you sustain high-degree burns, your body goes into shock amongst other things. There is no doubt Hawks suffered third-degree burns to his back at minimum, and that comes with all sorts of risks. From infection to blood loss, the risk of death is high for Hawks, and that is not even considering the fact that his charred back means his prized wings are now ash.

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