My Hero Academia Star Explains Why He's Fine with SPOILER'S Death

It has been less than a week since My Hero Academia ended its fourth season and a bit longer since its second film went live. The big-screen adventure hit up netizens around the globe to great success, and fans were particularly interested in the movie's villain. Of course, Izuku and his friends came out on top, but fans continued to ask whether the fate dealt to Nine's gang was fair. But according to Johnny Yong Bosch, the actor says he is fine with what happened to his character in the end.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Please proceed with caution!

If you have seen the My Hero Academia film already, you will know how the villains end up after they are captured. The entire group are taken into custody, but things go awry when Nine is intercepted by the League of Villains. It turns out Shigaraki was none too happy with Nine and his little outburst. To silence the villain for good, Shigaraki uses his quirk to disintegrate Nine in a flash which left fans stunned. Bosch said he is a fan of the decision to cut off Nine permanently, but he does wish more of the baddie had been explored.

my hero academia heroes rising
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"I'm kind of really both ways. I felt like what they did in the film was really good. For the character of Nine, I felt he served that purpose in the film, and then that shows that there's someone else who's even more powerful than him. So I think it did justice to the series," Bosch explained before adding a bit more.

"Could they have done it the other way and still been fine as well? Yeah, sure. But I think what they did is pretty good."


With Nine out of the picture, My Hero Academia has its focus narrowed on the series' real threats. Shigaraki is becoming a truly terrible foe in his own right, and the baddies backing him are just as dangerous. The manga has expanded All For One's reach in a way fans could have never expected, and Nine is one less threat the baddies will need to worry about when they go to face the Pro Heroes for real.

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