My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Features Intense Endeavor, Dabi Moment

Warning! Major spoilers for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising below!

My Hero Academia surprised fans when it announced that Heroes Rising would be taking place in between events that have yet to make their way to the anime. While fans of the anime might be missing some of the context, this actually ended up helping the film have that much more impact thanks to some of the fleshed out history between its characters. One relationship fans have been wanting to see explored further the most of all is between Endeavor and Dabi, especially after their confrontation in the Pro Hero arc.

There have been several theories as to whether or not Dabi might actually be related to Endeavor and the rest of the Todoroki family, and it seems to emphasize things even further when the two of them seem to treat each other with a surprising amount of reverence despite Dabi's villainous nature. But the two of them shared another mysterious and intense moment in Heroes Rising too.

When Heroes Rising begins there's a wild chase scene as Shigaraki and the League of Villains have managed to steal a prisoner away from the police. Dabi is a part of the crew riding in the vehicle, and they soon come face to face with Endeavor. Endeavor pauses for a bit before launching a huge flame attack on their convoy and Dabi counters it with his own.

The two of their flame attacks collide, but soon it's revealed that Endeavor's is that much stronger and it envelops the convoy. But the twist here is that Dabi and the others were doubles made by twice. As they dissolve, Dabi thinks "Endeavor" to himself solemnly and this moment pushes their connection even further. This is also pumped up even further as Dabi seemed to enjoy clashing flames with Endeavor.


Dabi remains one of the most mysterious characters in the entire series (we don't even know his last name), and the most intriguing nuggets throughout his time in the franchise all involved Endeavor in some way. This is the same with the film, and certainly begs the question of what kind of actual connection the two might have. But what do you think?

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