My Hero Academia: Is SPOILER Really Dead?

My Hero Academia has killed a fan favorite character in the recent chapters of the manga, focusing on the devastating battle between hero and villain in the "Paranormal Liberation Front" that is clearly being the biggest fight in the history of the anime's franchise! With the fights within the war becoming more deadly and dangerous, it was only a matter of time until the "bodies hit the floor" and we have to question if one of the biggest deaths in the recent chapters did in fact happen or if there is some wiggle room for the character to in fact be alive!

Warning! We are about to dive into some DEEP spoiler territory for the recent story arc of My Hero Academia so if you don't want this big character death spoiled for you, turn back now!

Twice has died. The fan favorite villain was killed by the number two hero Hawks, who realized that the multiplying menace was one of the biggest threats that the Paranormal Liberation Front had. With Dabi entering the one on one fight, proving to be a huge liability for Hawks achieving his mission, the winged wonder was forced to use one of his feathers as a blade and plunge it through Twice's torso. With the manic villain falling off a high up balcony after being impaled, his dupes began dissolving following his death and it seems as if Twice is no longer among the land of the living.

Twice's death however might not be assured, as the villain has the ability to create so many duplicates as part of his "Sad Man's Dance" technique that he could have easily followed Hawks with a dupe of his own. Though the dissolving of the clone in front of Toga and Compress certainly made it seem like Twice had met his end, there is definitely wiggle room for the villain to escape the jaws of death and fool readers into thinking that he had met his final fate. Though it certainly seemed that the member of the League of Villains has come to an end, he could have even been the original impaled by Hawks and survived both that attack and the fall itself.

Twice's death would be the first major casualty of the Paranormal Liberation War if he is in fact dead, but there are sure to be more coming down the road.


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